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History of Planz Elementary

Planz School opened fall of 1962 with 304 students and 11 teachers. This past year (2007-08) we opened with over 750 students and 38 teachers. Class sizes were different from what they are today usually rangeing from 19 to 32 students per class. Today Federal Guidelines limited the number of student we can have in a class. Our primary classes (K-3) cannot have more then 20 students and intermediate (4-5) are limited to 32. I’m sure you have noticed the changes in kindergarten as well, in “62” kindergarten was optional and there was a lot of coloring going on in class. Today our most of our kindergarteners come out reading, writing and doing simple math problems. For the most part there are 2 teachers working in each class unlike the kindergarten class of 62. The teacher Mrs. Miller taught both morning and afternoon classes all by herself! Can imagine 32 five- year olds and one teacherOur very own Mrs. Hanson’s mother, Mrs. Betty Hanson was the school secretary the year Planz opened up for business. There have only been two sectaries at Planz, Mrs. Peggy Rushing and Mrs. Hanson. Mrs. Peggy took over as site secretary in 1993 when Betty retired.

Mr. Kendrick was the District Superintendent and Mr. David E. Cooke in the staff picture above was the Assistant Superintendent. Greenfield had a Board of Trustees consisting of  7 men, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Kendrick and five others from the community. Mr. Actis, Mr. Little, Mr. Vernon, Mr. Sandrini and Mr. Ollivier. Do these names sound familiar? Today most of them are the names of schools.

            Mrs. Sarah Dawson is our current principal. Mrs. Teresa Olague is our vice principal. A lot has changed since Planz opened its doors, but one thing remains the same, our teachers, staff and administrators are all dedicated to giving your students the best education possible.